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Rant and Rave – How to Vent Out on the Internet

Ranting out feelings all at once onto a single person or the entire world may seem like a good thing at first. You may feel relieved of your anger and content to some extent. But soon you will have another issue which fires up rage in you, and you go again. Like this, the cycle continues, and you make the venting out area/person your garbage bag. 

So what is the consequence of all this ranting? Anger issues start to develop as you now have a place to express it and not suppress and overcome it. Another major setback is that people that listen to your rants start to get tired and can get mentally affected as well. If you’re to rant on the internet about your problems or give out destructive opinions, you can begin to build a negative impression on your followers and your image. For this reason, we have compiled better ways for you to voice your concerns:

Do it Anonymously

Expressing yourself is essential. In fact, it is the top priority that you let out an upsetting or distressing event or opinion to get relief from it. It is suitable for your physical and mental health that you provide an outlet of the wrongful doings inflicted on you. But social media or other open sources may not be ideal places to let out vengeful thoughts and opinions. As everything you say will get limelight, you could get a bad name and maybe get targeted for your unjust outbursts. So it’s better to take a John Doe approach to vent out as you can get your point across and also not be known for it. 

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Pick the Right Topic

Although the term ‘venting out’ gives away that one lets out all their thoughts, not caring about the structure or language used. However, ambiguous ranting can be quite harmful in terms that it destroys your communication skills, and you start to release anger in all your conversations. Also, these kinds of communications can be off-putting to the other person or audience. To rant out healthily, you can choose a useful topic, one that needs current attention and talk about it structurally. Or present your own opinions and thoughts in a controlled way.  

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