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Where’s Sports Tech Heading in 2020?

Technology is evolving like anything. Technology is a part of almost each and every sector of the world. It has the capability of transforming every field, including the field if sports. The world of sports isn’t untouched by the magic of technology either. In fact, in the last few years, we have seen that the sports industry is trying to use more and more technology as it is turning out to be quite beneficial for the sports companies, teams and individuals. Sports technology isn’t just restricted to be used by the sports businesses, rather, it is used extensively to improve the performance of the sports team and a sportsperson as well. In this article, we will explore the use of technology in the sports world. 

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Live in-play streaming is finally a reality 


Live in-play streaming has created quite a buzz in the sports industry. And, in 2020, we will see noteworthy advancements in the field of live streaming. Also, sports tech, especially live streaming will be accessible on the smartphones as well, the experts will try to make the most of the smartphones. Live streaming preferred extensively by the young sports enthusiasts, therefore, we will see the evolution of the sports technology. Even the operators have taken everything possible to make the streaming experience friendly and engaging for the audiences. However, live streaming has its own set of challenges, but with the new technology live streaming has become all the more better. 

Wearable technology is much more advanced 

Wearable tech is one of those areas that have evolved massively in the recent years. The hardware has become smaller and more durable. Along with that, the software has become a lot more accurate and efficient. As a result, the stats shown by the gadgets are much more accurate and easy to understand. Wearables are not just being used by the fitness enthusiasts, but the gadgets are also being used by athletes. New and improved technology gives the athletes an insights into what they are doing and what they are supposed to do, in terms of their fitness levels. In fact, wearables might be used in the games too. 

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Better viewing experience 

The sports organizations and the institutes are using technology to offer better experience to the fans. For example, in 2020, new tools and solutions will be used during the ICC T20 World Cup. The event organizers will be leveraging cutting-edge technology as well as services to deliver a topnotch experience to the audience. They are planning to offer unique match day presentation. And, they may also install double-sided LED for the finals and the semifinal matches. This is done so that the audience gets a truly wonderful experience, both in the stadiums and at home. 

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on Sports 

AI helps to boost the performance 

There are many gadgets and tools that are powered by AI. Such AI business solutions tools help the sports teams and the athletes to get useful statistics. The insights are derived from the data related to the performance of the athletes. Based on the stats, the individuals and the teams can take necessary actions to enhance the performance by improving the training. 


For example, like in the game of Lawn Tennis, sometimes a coach of the player guides the player on how to better their form. Also, the coach helps then to identify their error types and inefficiencies. The data is derived by watching the matches and then, based on the data and insights, effective measures are taken to improve the performance of the player. Now here, AI and ML can be used to derive valuable insights from the data that is collected from the wearable gadgets also. For example, the athletes sometimes use accelerometers or gyroscopes that offer regular information related to the movement of the players. Based on the patterns of the movement, say for example for a backhand shot or a volley, necessary steps can be taken for improvement. 

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Enhancing the fan experience 

One of the most evident and meaningful uses of AI and ML is to enhance the fan experience. Many sports organizations and organizers have started using AI and ML to boost the experience that they offer to the sports fans. AI and ML helps to get real-time content discovery. This basically empowers the producers to create sports highlight packages on a real time basis. In many ways, AI and ML can be used by the sports organizers and businesses to offer a completely immersive experiences to the fans. The fans get more engaged and feel more connected. This eventually helps to raise the number of fans or the number of visits of the fans. 

In fact, with the help of AI and ML, the event organizers can even gain valuable insights about the fans. They can get to know whether the fans better with the help of the data. And, based on the interest or the expectations of the fans, the sports companies would be able to offer a much better experience to the fans. 

The evolution of E-Sports 

In this highly digitalized era, e-sports will play a major role as well. We would see a lot of advancement in the field of e-sports. This is because e-sports will be more in demand. Therefore, the evolution of e-sports will result in more interests of the people. People who haven’t had a lot of interest in the video games have shown immense interest in e-sports too. This is simply because the whole experience that is offered is exception. Now, with AI and ML, the experience offered by the developers of Software Application Outsourcing India will be more engaging. 

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Sports technology is a hot topic for the industry and in the recent few years, we have seen great amount of evolution in the world of sports. The technology in the sports field has become more advanced, and it is centered on the interest, demand and expectation of the people. In 2020, we will see more innovations in the sports world. 

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