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How will Intel and Ethics Impact the Next-Gen of Technology?

There are many benefits provided by intelligent machine systems. It is used for detecting the fraud, optimizing the logistics, creating art, performing research, offering translations etc. These systems are becoming more and more advanced every day. Because of this, the world is going to become more efficient and rich. 

The giants in the tech world such as Facebook Alphabet, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and also the famous personas in the science world such as Stephen Hawking and the tech world Elon Musk share their views that this is the right time to discuss the unlimited landscape of the artificial intelligence. In large ways, this is also a new opening for the ethics and risk assessment for the advancing software development services in India. When talking about the excellence of the working of the processor the Intel continues to be in the centre stage because of its newest additions in the market. 

The tech giant Intel wants all of its employees and also the suppliers to accept the code of conduct and the ethics without giving any importance to the local business routines and the customs followed usually by others. You can click here to go through the letter from the Intel giving reminders for the suppliers for what they expect. 

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Intel highlights the five key regulations that have to be followed- 


  • Conducting honest business 
  • Abiding all the rules in the letter
  • Equal treatment of everybody 
  • Behaving in a way that is best for the company 
  • To keep Intel Assets safe and information secure
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Suppliers are put in the position to share and report the concerns regarding matters or violations of the rules. The suppliers have to report the concerns like the ones that are against the code of conduct that Intel expects to follow. The people who are included in this are- the Intel employees, another supplier or their employees. 

The Ethical issues of Intel

The company Intel has a bad history of ethical issues against some of its contemporaries like AMD and now recently the Qualcomm. The partner in this matter was Apple which was highlighted as being opposite to innovation. The strategy used will lead to only negative results as the partner company Apple was believed to the reason why Intel is not doing better. There is a book published by the previous AMD CEO on the unethical act of Intel. If you go and have a look at the Intel code of conduct you can see that it is written by the now disgraced and afterwards fired CEO of Intel. It was not written by the HR, legal or the finance departments. These are the places where the codes of behaviour are enforced. But at this moment the code of conduct looks ridiculous when we see the depth of the wrongs done by Krzanich. 


When talking about the issue about Krzanich he was fired not because of the mistake but for not revealing it. A lot of CEO’s of Intel are known to have had affairs with the employers or there are rumours that they have had them. When Intel talks about the new policies framed now, the time when Intel newly formed comes to mind. It was wrong to have affairs with subordinates from that time too. Intel seemed to have operated on the initial policy that you can do wrong but do not get caught on the process. There is also a practice called a Constructive Confrontation which is good when you say it but it means abuse approved by the institution. You will not be able to win arguments with fair speech but only with power because the people wining will be the ones who are the biggest bullies. 

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No values like loyalty 

Intel is well known as the top names for its high-end performance processors as well as the Intel Core i5. However, there is another problem that is also part of its history and that is its lack of loyalty. Along with its massive features like OEM customers, New Balance, Microsoft or the makers, the company has in the last two decades also showcased the utter lack of loyalty. One of the examples is the time when Microsoft performed the Windows Vista launch. 

The importance is given to Quality 

The bad treatment of the employees to improve the quality is what is done in Intel. It was painful to view. 

Conclusion- Beware

This is a known fact that Intel is one of the popular companies in Silicon Valley. It started well but has lost its vision when the CEO was fired. The board of Intel is not doing its job. It has only shared that the shakeup of the company needs to be high or else these problems will never disappear. If they are not able to govern the behaviour of Krzanich why do they choose someone else to take the place and do the job? And why offer advice to the employees as if it will make everything better. 

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