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Now a days this problem is too much raising. This problem is running our life and taking us into difficulty. Most people don’t know how to fix the pink screen? They all are searching for this problem solution. But here I am telling you that it is very easy to solve the pink screen on the laptop. The remedies I am going to tell you have to give them full consideration so that you are able to fix the problem of the pink screen on a laptop.

Firstly you have to know about the pink screen. What is the pink screen? Why is it appear on our laptop? And what are the solution to fix this problem? So I am going to tell you about the pink screen.  The pink screen is a problem that emerges due to the loose connection of a wire that causes certain de coloration on our laptop screen. This coloration usually appears in a pink form which shows our screen full pink or pink lines or may be a mixture of different colors.

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Cause of the appearance of the pink screen on our laptops 

Majorly the pink screen on our laptop occurs due to the main reason. The two main reason due to which the screens of our laptops appear pink is 

  • The problem is in the software of the laptop
  • The problem in hardware of the laptop

These are the two major issues. Sometimes the problem is in the software of the laptops and sometimes there lies a problem in hardware of the laptops. 

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These two issues can be resolved easily but you have to carefully read our articles. The problem is the software of the laptop that turns our screen pink can be resolved easily very interestingly but the problem in the hardware of laptops can not be fixed to easily because this problem lies in the main device of the laptop that is hardware so you may go to some laptops expert to solve this problem.



The problem within the software of laptops can be resolved very easily. I am going to tell you how to fix the pink screen on the laptop you just have to follow the steps given next 

  1. Turn off your laptop 
  2. Carefully check all the wires and connectors. Check whether all the connections are tight or not. Because of the loose connection of wire may lead you to the declaration of your laptop screen.
  3. After checking all the connections turn on your laptop. You will see the pink screen disappears.
  4. If it is still there then update your software 
  5. Uninstall all the extra unwanted apps and check out your graphic cards
  6. After all this step you will see that the pink screen disappears completely.

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The problem is the hardware of the laptop is not so easy to solve or fix. But you no need to worry this problem can be solved but you have to carefully read all the instruction given next:

  1. Turn off your laptop and wait a minute.
  2. Now you have to open the laptop means you have to spare its part ti divide its parts.
  3. After the opening of the part of the laptop clean them with a brush because sometimes the dust particles trapped there so completely spare it and clean it. And attach them again.
  4. Keep your laptop off for some time so that if the hardware is hot it’s cold down again.
  5. Attach all the wires and check out all the connections
  6. After this open your laptop you will see that pink screen disappear completely 
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If the pink screen is still there then get your laptop to the engineers of the laptops they will solve your problem. 

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The pink screen appear may be due to some other problems, these problems have solutions and pink screen will disappear if you solve all the problems are given next 

  • Presence of the viruses 
  • Heating up of the laptop
  • Loose connection of wires
  • Poor graphics cards 

After solving all the problems you will get rid of this pink screen. If after all the solutions pink screen is still there then you have to see the laptop engineer. 

But the thing you have to give all the above solution a serious consideration. May you will like my article and also comment if you found some problems. Thank you.

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