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What To Look For in a CMMS Software

CMMS Software

Facility managers are responsible for a lot. Fortunately, technological innovation has provided tools to help lighten the load. One of the most valuable tools a facility manager can utilize is CMMS software, which stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System software. As the name suggests, CMMS helps you, as a facility manager, stay on top of machinery and equipment maintenance needs.

CMMS software allows you to customize the maintenance approach that best suits your facility. Whether you’re scheduling emergency repairs and maintenance for equipment that breaks unexpectedly or performing regular maintenance and booking appointments with technicians to avoid downtime, CMMS automates it all. However, with the countless CMMS software options available on the market, finding the one that suits your facility’s needs can be challenging. 

Set Your Goals


To find the best CMMS software for your facility and team, you need to pinpoint why exactly you need it. After all, not all facilities are the same. Depending on the industry and size, some facilities might require more close-up monitoring and equipment tracking than others. Having a clear-cut idea of what you want from your CMMS software will help you make the right decision.

One way to understand your facility’s needs is by including team members and workers in the discussion. They can give you a new perspective as to what processes in your facility could use more support.


A big part of making your decision is your budget. Make sure you can afford the CMMS software you’re looking to purchase. It’s not a bad idea to splurge a little when it comes to a solution to help you manage your entire facility—it will likely end up saving you money in the long run. CMMS will allow you to perform preventive maintenance, fixing up machines and equipment before they break.

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Not only is regular maintenance cheaper than repairing or entirely replacing a piece of machinery, but you also won’t suffer from unplanned downtime where you may need to halt business operations until you fix the problem. Don’t think of CMMS software as a checklist item you need to acquire at a low price. Instead, look at it as an investment that will pay for itself in no time.

Ability to Streamline Processes

As a facility manager, you’re responsible for keeping up with your facility’s operations, from meeting its daily quota of work and production to ensuring you have the right equipment and machinery for upcoming workloads. CMMS software enables you to automate and streamline most of those processes. It tracks upcoming changes in productivity and work schedules, allowing you to turn machines on and off as needed and create to-do lists to ensure your operations are on the right track.

CMMS can also help you better manage your facility maintenance schedule by assisting with preventive maintenance. The software’s tracking functionality doesn’t only tell you when a piece of machinery is due for routine checks. It also helps you make appointments with maintenance technicians and ensure that they won’t overlap with business operations.

Mobile Capabilities

Unlike other positions, facility managers and maintenance workers are often on the go. In this environment, having a CMMS limited to a laptop or desktop device is inefficient and ineffective. 

When looking for CMMS software for your facility, look for something that supports mobile integration, whether it offers you an app to download on your smartphone or sends regular updates and alerts to your mobile phone via text messages or machine-generated voicemail. With access to the CMMS available on hand, you and your workers can be more productive on the go.

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Asset Management

Asset management is how you approach and understand the value and cost of your facility’s assets, whether it’s portable equipment or heavy machinery. Managing your assets efficiently requires complete understanding and control over their life cycle, from the moment they arrive at your facility to their maintenance and disposal.

However, the more assets your facility utilizes, the harder it is to keep track of all of them using a traditional spreadsheet. That’s why, when looking for CMMS software, make sure it can automate and streamline the necessary tasks of asset management. Look for something that tracks your equipment’s work-time and downtime, as well as initial cost and accumulated costs due to maintenance, current warranties, and return on investment.

Do Not Settle

As mentioned before, CMMS software is a long-term investment for your facility. It must be compatible with your facility’s needs in order to be a worthy investment. Don’t rush and purchase the first CMMS software you see just because it’s affordable and promises you significant results. Instead, take your time to analyze your situation and find the software that best aligns with your requirements.

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