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Exciting jobs you can look forward to with a hospitality management degree

What is common between your last airplane ride, your visit to the amusement park and your last fancy meal? All the three were made possible by people employed in the hospitality industry. The hospitality management industry is committed to making your travels, visits to tourist locations, and meals pleasant experiences.

With the standard of living increasing, more people now have money to spare on travel and entertainment. As a result, the hospitality industry is booming and generating new kind of career roles like travel bloggers and food critics to keep up with the rapidly changing trends.

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If you are planning to pursue a course in hospitality management and want to know the possible career aspects of the course, this blog has you sorted with important hospitality management career information. It has come up with a well-rounded list of some traditional as well as unconventional job roles that can pique your interest.

What is the career scope of a degree in hospitality?

Since the hospitality sector is a booming industry, there are a plethora of interesting careers that let you enjoy the work you do. There are many diverse and high paying jobs that can enhance your professional life. 

With advancements in trade and diplomatic relations between countries, newer avenues are being generated in the hospitality sector. With a qualification in the domain, you will be all set to make the life of tourists and travellers a living paradise.

The hospitality sector also encompasses different departments such as finance, marketing, and human resources and niches such as sports and culinary arts. Hence you can also pursue the diploma to switch to the industry, if you have work experience in a different sector such as finance.

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What kind of jobs are available in the hospitality management domain?

A career in hospitality can help you develop important transferable skills of customer engagement, multi-tasking and teamwork which can fetch you accolades throughout your career. Here are a few interesting career roles that can get your creative juices flowing.

  • Casino managers: Who hasn’t wished that living on a casino property could be a valid job role. The role of a casino manager lets you live that dream. Casino managers look after all the aspects of running a casino including, hiring and managing the casino employees, ensuring guests have a good time, maintaining the security of the place and making sure there is no foul play.
  • Chefs: Have you ever been excited by new cuisines and flavours? Do you love experimenting with recipes to create your own dish? Then being a chef will suit your palate! Chefs are nothing less than artists—they experiment with different tastes, textures, colours and smells to create signature dishes. They are also responsible for overseeing the menu creation in hotels and restaurants and training the sous-chefs under them.
  • Chief sommeliers: Can you imagine being able to drink expensive wine as a part of your job? As a sommelier, you can engage your patrons in the intricacies of wine making and join them in sampling exotic wines. You will also be responsible for passing your knowledge on premier wines to executives under you.

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  • Food and beverage directors: Food and beverage directors are responsible for the planning the menu of major events and looking after the food and beverage arrangements. They usually work in coordination with catering managers or event planners and are also responsible for making and sticking to the food budget.
  • Tour operators: Being a tour operator helps you ensure your customers’ holiday memories are unforgettable. Tour operators accompany customers on long and short tours and ensure that they get the best of services. The job requires you to be knowledgeable about different places, resourceful, and diplomatic while interacting with tour members.
  • Restaurant managers: If you love food and interacting with people, you can become a restaurant manager. They are responsible for the general and back-end operations of a restaurant. You must be able to keep a cool head in emergencies and patient to deal with upset customers.
  • Event planners: As an event planner, you will be responsible for planning and implementing small to large-scale social and business events on behalf of your clients. Event planners plan parties, weddings, fetes, college fests, and conferences. You must be able to handle several responsibilities simultaneously, be good at multitasking, calm under pressure, and resourceful.
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The sky is the limit when it comes to employment opportunities in the hospitality sector and there is no dearth of well-paying exciting jobs. Join a degree in hospitality to get a head-start to a thrilling career in any of the above-mentioned jobs.

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