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15 Tips & Strategies to Drive Sales using E-Commerce Marketing

The main aim of an online business is to increase its sales. This can be done by increasing traffic to the site and, subsequently, conversions. However, it can be challenging for many online businesses to drive sales even after they have put together a planned marketing strategy. With a number of marketing channels and tools available, it can be overwhelming to understand which e-commerce marketing strategies can help you drive sales and increase your customer base.

After consulting a number of marketing experts, we have compiled a list of the most effective ecommerce marketing strategy tips that will help you drive more sales to your online business.

1. Make sure that your E-commerce Website is User-Friendly


An online e-commerce website should have a good design to attract customers and boost sales. In case the users find it difficult to navigate the website or find it difficult to place an order, chances are that they would leave your store. It is also important to check whether the products are segmented correctly into the right categories or not. Also, ensure that you do not put too many products on a single page; otherwise, the page would appear too crowded.

2. Increase the Number of Email Subscribers

eCommerce email marketing is an excellent tool for expanding your online presence and reaching out to new customers. Aggressive marketing campaigns through emails can help you find leads that have the potential to convert into customers. To increase the number of customers for such emails, you can send out weekly newsletters with specially curated content, or share special discounts and offers to those who sign up.

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3. Conduct Effective Email Campaigns 

Keep experimenting with your email campaigns to drive more subscribers to your site. When users sign up on your site for the first time, send them a welcome mail with a discount offer or introduce a referral program where a person can get rewarded when 5 of their friends sign up for your emails. Add a touch of personalization to your emails, like addressing receivers with their names. This could really grab the attention of your subscribers and draw them towards your brand. Additionally, it’s worth expanding into SMS with your email campaigns. Use online SMS platforms to boost your ROI.

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4. Try Upselling

When a customer shortlists a product for purchasing, you can encourage the customer to buy similar products by displaying a number of upgraded products in the same category. This also gives a chance to the customer to make an informed buying decision. However, ensure that the upsells are related to the original product and are not altogether different.

5. Decrease the Cart Abandon Rate

Visitors to online stores are known to abandon their shopping carts often without making a successful purchase. This can affect the revenue of an e-commerce website. A good e-commerce marketing strategy for successful sales is to encourage customers to return to your website and complete their purchase by sending out hourly notifications about products waiting in the cart or emails about the same. You can also share some additional discount coupons to ensure that people are coaxed into buying. 

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6. Use Instagram for Engaging the Audience

With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram is one of the best platforms to engage customers and connect with brands, influencers and potential customers. Work towards building a huge following on Instagram and engaging them with your products. You can even try engaging your target audience by running contests and offering freebies. And if you don’t have huge number of followers, you can also get help from the best Instagram growth services such as mr insta vs kicksta. But kicksta is the best as they provide great services by giving you organic or real Instagram followers which can lead to be your future loyal customers.

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7. Build a Facebook Store for Selling

Another social media platform to target and engage potential customers is Facebook. You can start a Facebook store to sell your products directly from there. Furthermore, integrating the Facebook store with your online website would ensure that you do not have to maintain a different inventory. Include your business logo on your Facebook store to leave a good first impression on new and potential customers.

8. Optimize the E-commerce Website

In case you are facing problems in converting potential customers into successful buyers, it is advisable to run a website audit and identify factors that might be slowing down your site or hampering user experience. Fix those issues on the site and keep an eye on Analytics to measure changes. This is an essential step as it can directly impact your ecommerce marketing strategy.

9. Work on Mobile Optimization

With the increasing number of mobile users, people are shifting to shopping on their mobile devices. Hence, your ecommerce website should be optimized for mobile devices; otherwise, you could lose out on potential customers. You should essentially have a fully-functional mobile app where customers can shop for your products.

10. Include Live Chat on your Website

Another ecommerce marketing strategy for driving a higher number of sales is to include a live chat feature on your website. This way, you can support the visitors on your online store regarding sales and any issues they might be facing.

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11. Make Use of Content given by User

Many customers like to share their shopping experience after purchasing from your website. Include a review section or a comment section for your customers to let them share their feedback. This also serves as an insight for potential customers who are looking to purchase from your online store. 

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12. Conduct Market Testing

One of the key ecommerce marketing strategies is to test the market that you are targeting. This will help you in identifying if the products you are selling are in demand and if it is worth your marketing effort and time. This can be done by conducting keyword research and understanding the demand-supply gap. You can also try pre-selling products to determine the number of people that are interested in placing orders.

13. Blog Regularly

Writing and updating your blog section regularly is an effective way to gain attention and drive sales. Post new content regularly that is related to your ecommerce website. It will help you in ranking better in search engine results pages.

14. Give Rewards to Big Spenders

Giving out rewards to customers is a great way to encourage them to spend more. These loyal customers are the reason for your sales. Returning customers are also a huge asset to an online business. You can even start a loyalty program for driving higher sales.

15. Find out Offline Customers

Although a good number of customers search and make a purchase online, you can always find out and reach more customers that exist offline. This tactic is being utilized by many ecommerce stores to drive more sales.


It is just not enough to have an ecommerce website to run a business. It is also essential to explore new tactics to drive a high number of sales. The above ecommerce marketing tips in 2020 are particularly useful if you are looking to increase the sales of your online business.

Author Bio: Swathi S, an indispensable member of the Stan Ventures SEO team, is the current outreach specialist at the organization. Known for her way with words, Swathi is a frequent blogger who keeps a tab on the latest SEO updates and guest posting services at the firm.

You can reach her at Facebook | Linkedin

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