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What are the Laws and Policies of Cyber Bullying

Well, you must have heard about cyberbullying. It is very prominent in advanced countries like the United States where almost all of the students use the internet. They are either the victim or they are one of the bullying teams.

Almost every day the students report about cyberbullying. But if you want to give any justice to the victims you must have a clear idea about cyberbullying. There are laws and policies regarding cyberbullying and also have penalties. Cyberbullying lawyer also works under the laws in every state.


A closer look at Cyberbullying


It generally means giving emotional attachments and humiliating one another by a group or a single person by means of technology. It involves posting rumors on social media and passing bad comments etc.


It is more dangerous than public bullying because it will continue even after school hours or work hours. You can’t just run from this. Even if you are in a safe house it will hunt you down.

It is basically a crime by harassing, demanding, threatening, embarrassing and humiliating through technology. Social media makes it easier to work on it. However, social media is created for good purpose but people are using it in the wrong way.

Due to the lack of instant reaction on the victim, the negative impact of the words can’t be understood. But words are the weapon that hurts emotionally and the person using it is committing a crime. Some examples of Cyber Bullying include:

  • Humiliating a person by commenting and shaming online
  • Creating content to threaten the other person for the physical approach
  • Texting or posting something obscene
  • Developing sexual feeling either by sending videos or by sending pictures
  • Stalking a person digitally
  • Watching, posting or requesting pornography
  • Threatening to kill a person
  • Breaking the privacy of someone
  • Sextortion
  • Creating viral content
  • Spreading rumors by posting or sharing posts
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The Laws of Cyberbullying

Well, asking someone for sex and sending pictures and videos to provoke the other person is definitely a crime. There are legal punishments or consequences for all those crimes. You can’t break someone’s privacy without their permission.

In case if you are turning someone else getting into physical by online texting is also a crime. The people who are doing cyberbullying, they intentionally take pictures and send them to the person. Child pornography is an important issue in today’s generation.

One should know the negative result after sex. Cyberbullying has serious punishment. It may end up in the civil court or it might need criminal charges. Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is considered one of the strongest crimes. Every state has its own rules and own legal punishment for cyberbullying crime.

State-Level Cyber Bullying Laws

Since a national piece for cyberbullying has not passed by the federal government; all the states can have their own rules or the criminal punishment that is legal. All the states in the States have their own school policy apart from Montana.

Montana has no requirement of any personal school law for cyberbullying crime. During the early centuries, there was no power in the schools to have their own law. But nowadays, some schools have laws, policies, rules, and regulations, some others have model policies.

In some places cybercrime, cyberbullying and harassment under a single law where the other has taken as multiple laws.

For example, according to the DASA, the schools and district must have the following rules and procedures:

  • To create and also to implement cybercrime and cyberbullying policies
  • To proving reporting system for any type of cyberbullying
  • To conduct some instant training regarding cyberbullying and cybercrime by employing people
  • To hire an organizer of DASA and working together with the students, female workers and also with the staff.
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Another example is the Jessica Logan Act, which was found after Logan was cyberbullied, intimidated and harassed by posting viral her nude picture in high school. She committed suicide right after the picture went viral.

Ohio’s law includes the anti-cyberbullying policies that say that any student committed the crime must be suspended from the academy.

The US government created a framework of these types of policies in order to cover all types of crimes happening in the states.

Cyber Bullying Penalties

Because of the varying cyberbullying laws and regulations in each and every state, the penalties are also having a wide range.

It may be started by suspending the student from the school to jail for some felony. For example in Florida, the students who are involved in cyberbullying will be suspended. However, in Missouri, the involved students will go for a criminal offense.

Along with this, the person involved must lose his job and get arrested with a legal warrant. The student must have a clear idea before posting anything, even if it was deleted someone may have bad intentions to it. If there is anything weird you sense, directly contact the cyberbullying attorney in your region.

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