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The 3C of Hosted QuickBooks: Continuity, Collaboration, and Centralization

The 3C of Hosted QuickBooks

The accounting industry has witnessed a vast evolution in the past couple of years. Gone are those days when anybody heard about accounting and the first image that popped up in their mind was a bunch of nerdy geeks working with calculators and long piles of papers for the whole day. The accounting industry has evolved a lot and that has completely changed the accounting profession as well. The modern day accountants are not only tech-savvy but they contribute to major decision-making processes of the company as well. From long piles of papers to collaborating with other accountants on the cloud platform, the accounting profession has evolved. And all the credit of this amazing evolution in the accounting industry goes to technology.

When you will compare the old accounting practices and profession with the current one then you will find that only technology has been added in the latter one. With the help of technology, accountants moved from long piles of papers to the accounting software. And just when everyone started thinking that accounting can’t get better than this, the very promising and useful era of cloud accounting came and changed how we used to work in the accounting industry.

There are many cloud accounting software now available in the market but if you are looking for a mix of ease of use, advanced accounting tools and unlocking the power of cloud in an economical way then you should always go with hosted QuickBooks solution. You must be aware about the global accessibility, better security, and cost-effectiveness provided by this ultimate solution, but in this blog post, we are going to talk about the 3C of QuickBooks hosting ; Continuity, Collaboration, and Centralization.

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In the modern era, maintaining business continuity has become very important. We are not living in the 70’s or 80’s anymore where even a whole day of pause in the business workflow didn’t affect the firm. In the current era, every industry has become very competitive and if you are not looking forward to provide a consistent workflow to your employees and continuous service to your customers then you are not going to stay relevant in the industry for a very long time. This is where the very famous and industry leader hosted cloud QuickBooks comes into the picture. You should know that when you will choose the QB hosting solution then the QuickBooks hosting provider will offer your guaranteed high uptime of 99.99%.

With this much high uptime, you will be able to maintain your business continuity and your solution will always be available for you. With 99.99% of high uptime, you will have to face only a few minutes of downtime for the whole year.




If you have ever worked in the accounting industry or provided any type of accounting service then you must be aware of the fact that accounting operation is totally based on team work. Accounting has never been a solo operation but the traditional business solution like desktop installed accounting software always puts restrictions on the collaboration and this is why many people move to the amazing cloud accounting solution in the form of QuickBooks hosting. You should know that after shifting to the cloud accounting solution, you will get the power of multi-user access.

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The multi-user access feature will allow you to add different people on your accounting software and with this power, you will be able to enhance collaboration in your organization. It doesn’t matter whether your employees are located, they all be able to work as a team without being present under one roof. In addition to this, the employees will also get real time updates to the changes made on the cloud platform and thus, they will never need to send data back and forth in order to collaborate.


If you will talk with industry experts and ask them about the secret of becoming successful in any industry then most of them will suggest you go through the path of centralization. You should know that with time, the amount of data that you will be dealing on daily basis will keep on increasing and that’s why you will need a centralized system where everyone can find all the data related to their department so that they will not have to spend time searching data and you can maintain seamless flow of information throughout the organization.

Well, this type of centralization is only possible with the amazing QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution. You should know that when you will shift to the cloud platform with your QB solution then you will use cloud as a centralized system for storing, accessing and editing your financial information. This way, you will get a completely centralized system for all your financial data and that’s why QuickBooks on the cloud is so amazing and useful.

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