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Digital Marketing Trends For 2020: What’s Coming & How to Adapt

About 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years. Further, the pace at which technology is developing and shifting, designing a compelling, sales-driving digital marketing strategy is growing demanding. 

Hence, the year is more crucial than ever to take a definite look at your digital marketing services and make striking innovations. 

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Here, we’ve classified the top 4 digital marketing trends to watch and adapt in 2020. 

  1. Higher Expectations From Brand’s Human Connection
  2. More Competitive Search Results 
  3. High-Tech Technologies To Become Mainstream
  4. Expanded eCommerce Capabilities & Ad Offerings

#Trend 1: Soaring Expectations Of Great Customer Experience


The most significant marketing trend to watch and adopt this year is your brand’s customer connection and overall customer experience. It’s crucial how your customers feel about the entire communication with your business, otherwise, you might lose about 51% of your customers forever. 

Further, the audience expects brands to have a definite purpose for subsisting. Purpose-driven digital marketing services see higher market share gains and grow on average three times faster than the competitors. 

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Another factor that is an inevitable part of the best customer experience is a fast response. About 78% of buyers buy from the company that responds to their inquiry promptly. 

Adapt The Strategy

Firstly, find any discord in your sales funnel or buying process and take action to eliminate that. Once your website is fast and flawless, move onto buyer behavior and intentions. 

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Next, you need to check the promptness in responding to your customer requests. 

Then, identify your plan, flesh it out, and make sure to place it in front and the middle of all your activities. To ensure prompt response, install AI-powered chatbots on your website and all social platforms.

#Trend 2: More Competitive Online Presence 

As per predictions, around 87% of marketing budgets will be spent on digital marketing by 2022 in order to develop a quality online presence that is more valuable and resilient. The huge demand for quality content and a wider variety in search results, including rich snippets, images, videos, and creative ad campaigns will play out in different ways. 

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First of all, consumers expect more personalized experiences and won’t acknowledge any irrelevant ad, which means you have got to get on the marketing approach with niche advertising and thorough audience segmentation. 

Even more, for an advanced SEO strategy, you might need to consult a white label digital marketing agency that will help you with the additional requirements along with keywords. It will also help you introduce your business with all new details in the search results, including knowledge cards, snippets, and other features that add to Google continuing as the “Answer Engine.”

Adapt the Strategy

You need to step up advanced technical SEO aptitudes to focus on capturing “position 0” in search engines. Advanced SEO practices like combining schema, help give search engines a better understanding of your content.

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As far as the search results get more aggressive and the audiences shift the way they acknowledge products and services. Hence, businesses need to have to expand their ad portfolio to maintain their space and presence in all the right points. This approach includes reviewing your social media advertising, taking out Google Local Services ads, spending on YouTube promotion, and even setting your steps into an advertisement on niche sites.

#Trend 3: Advanced Technologies Become Mainstream

Including AR and VR in digital marketing services was an extravagance reserved for the Fortune 500 companies or big budget tech-savvy startups. But the aggressive advancement in technology has made this tipping into the mainstream, and more businesses are now learning alternative ways to include AR/VR in their marketing strategy. 

Another top-rated technology making its presence more prominent is AI – Artificial Intelligence. While we are turning towards further marketing automation, AI is also growing more mainstream. 

Further, comes the trend of hyper-personalization of the marketing approach, in order to increase purchase intent among the target audience.

Adapt the Strategy

While creating an AR/VR app was highly expensive, now, a business can involve the same by hiring an AR/VR company that creates a project for under $5,000. But before jumping into the trend, make sure your business is welcoming for this type of advanced and expensive technology.

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On the other hand, AI-powered Chatbots are more reasonable and resourceful for any business niche. 

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Also, make sure your email marketing is thoroughly personalized, and include advanced analytics and tracking, along with remarketing to offer hyper-personalized customer experiences.

#Trend 4: Wider eCommerce Aptitudes and Ads

A huge percentage of your target audience is busy shopping or ready to shop immediately. For the same, it’s important to expand your ad campaign and get more creative with online promotions.

There are two best ways to achieve the goal. 

The first one is the shoppable social posts that make your potential buyers aware that the product and service you offer, as well as the possibilities.

The next one is shoppable content, which might include online magazines, videos, etc. 

Adapt The Strategy

Shoppable posts are the best friend for eCommerce retailers. The only caution is that you need high-quality photos.  Further, designing shoppable content now is much affordable and easy to do. 


Do you need assistance with your 2020 digital marketing services Strategy? We got you covered. We are happy to take a look at your marketing strategy for 2020 and help you get the outcomes you have been desiring.

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