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Why buy used injection molding machines 

injection molding machines

Over the last decade, the purchase of used injection molding machines has increased. One of the reasons for this is the difficulty in finding new machines and getting them at your desired time. However, buying a used injection machine comes with its advantages. For instance, if your employees are already accustomed to a particular brand of an injection molder, purchasing a new brand will hinder productivity because they need time to learn about the new machine. 

What to look for in used injection molding machines for sale


You may be at a crossroads when choosing the right plastic processing equipment for your product. Regardless of what you’re looking for, there are some factors and criteria you need to follow to make the right purchase. Before you proceed to buy a used injection molding machine, ask yourself these questions first:

  • What problems do you want the used plastic injection molding machine to solve?
  • What function do you need the used machine to provide? Do you need it to produce a different-size mold? What kind of pressure is required?

There are other questions you need to ask yourself before buying a used injection molding machine. They include what type of materials the machine will need to handle, the number of items you want the machine to produce, and the required ejector rod spacing.

Once you’ve concluded the basics you need the plastic injection machine to fulfill, you still need to consider other options or accessories you want the machine to have. Do you want a machine powered by hydraulics? Or you want a machine powered by electricity.

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You need to be sure of what you want before shopping for a used injection molding machine. Knowing what you want will help your decision-making and when you’re making price comparisons.

How to inspect used injection molding machines for sale

After spending a reasonable amount of time deciding what you want in your used injection molding machine, it’s only ideal if you ensure the machine is in good working condition. There are specific requirements to look out for to ensure your expectations are met. You must look for factors like the shot size, tonnage, platen size, tie bar spacing, and ejector stroke.

What’s the cost of used plastic injection molding machines?

There’s no specific answer to this question, especially where used equipment is concerned. Even when you’re looking to buy a new injection molding machine, the cost of a large machine can be between $50,000-$200,000, and you can find a smaller machine at the price of $100,000 because of its features and capabilities.

The same goes for used injection molding machines. The pricing is not fixed because it depends on the condition, warranty, and shipping of the equipment. However, it’s best to have a budget before buying a used injection molding machine.

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