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What are the requirements to study Diploma in Accounting?

Diploma in Accounting

Our diploma in accounting and finance is our professional course it allows you to find jobs within the business sector hand typical spans for 12 months in time. The basic qualification required to enrol into a Diploma in accounting and finance course is a 10 + 2 graduate certificate from a recognised school and 55% marks in total including all relevant subjects.

The academic board members of study abroad destinations primarily focus on your score and competency in commerce and mathematics when selecting applications. In his blog post, we will dive deep into the general topics taught as part of an accounting finance diploma course and why is it a great choice for both professionals and business accidents worldwide.

What are some of the typical job roles that you can apply for right after graduating with a diploma in accounting and finance in Singapore?


Studying an accounting and finance diploma from Singapore will allow you to get a solid grounding in subjects such as banking, insurance, marketing, taxation and statistics to name a few. This comprehensive course is designed to help you find managerial positions within the finance department of government entities, and corporations or carry out private practice to help out wealthy individuals.

Following are some of the popular job roles that students holding a Diploma in accounting and finance can apply for:

  • Research and development manager
  • Production manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Human resources manager
  • Chief financial officer
  • Certified public accountant
  • Tax accountant
  • Billing clerk
  • Finance manager
  • Bookkeeping clerk

What will you learn as part of your diploma in accountancy and finance curriculum?

Advanced diploma programmes in accountancy and finance offered in Singapore articulated to address the needs of business aspirants who are looking to advance their skills in recording, maintaining and reporting an organisation’s financial statements. For this students are required to undergo real-time training on topics such as principles of accounting, applications of global economic theories, banking systems operations, money transaction techniques, important export policies, business commerce, macro and microeconomics, auditing and financial analysis.

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By the time you have completed a Diploma in accountancy and finance, you will become qualified to take up a plethora of job opportunities that the business sector has in store for you. The course is tailor-made to help you acquire a range of interpersonal skills, as well as polish your English proficiency, to aid your career advancement in foreign countries.

How is a diploma in accountancy and finance beneficial for your future?

One of the primary advantages of applying for a diploma in accountancy and finance in Singapore is that it allows you to study at a pace that you’re most comfortable with, and schedule your examination and assignment submission dates in a way that is compatible with your employment expectations. Moreover, the specialisation earned from this diploma programme will allow you to transform yourself into a versatile candidate who can thrive in any type of work environment.

To learn more about the top recruiters for diploma in accounting and finance graduates, hop onto our website today and see for yourself what the alumni members are up to.

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