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5 design jobs for creative people

Design careers in the tech domain range with different perspectives including job growth, salary packages, skill-set, experience, and other related specifications. A career in a creative industry can be very lucrative and a stable career option. There is a lot to sift for a newbie but if you have the required skill set for the most relevant design jobs then it is going to be a fruitful journey.

Have a look at some interesting career options that you can explore after pursuing bachelors in design:

1.Augmented Reality Designer: 


The professionals in this job role design augmented reality user-experiences from varied fidelity pixel sketches to perfect mock-ups. They create rapid prototypes to validate the design concepts with stakeholders and collaborate with engineers to guide the realization of augmented reality applications. Designer creates inspiration and ideas in parallel to products and varied creative fields of AR UX trends. Their basic job is to work closely with designers and programmers to create immersive digital experiences using virtual and augmented reality techniques. They are also responsible for creating custom software experiences for advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. They develop solutions to fit within the objectives of the project interface with data scientists to design solutions for the visual display of quantitative information.

2.Multimedia Animator: 

Multimedia animator or artist creates 2-D and 3-D images depicting objects in motion using computer animation programs. Animators manipulate light, texture, shadow, colour, transparency and static images to move objects and characters to give the illusion of motion. They draw detailed technical illustrations to implement and maintains the configuration control systems by scanning, assembling, typeset, and by producing digital art. They use models to mimic the behaviour of animated objects in the finished arrangement by crafting computer-generated graphics or animation.

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3.Game Designer: 

The role of a game designer is to source ideas and draft proposals for game designing projects including development plans, concept docs, schedules, and product plans. They drive prototyping, usability, pacing, story, mechanics, tuning, tutorial, level ramp, meta-structure, aesthetics, and creative vision of the gaming structure. Game designers use a metrics-driven approach to initiative the monetization and retention into the design of the game by understanding the overall client goals. To serve the target consumers they source third party services for marketing requirements and portfolio direction. 

4.Fashion designer: 

Fashion designers are responsible for conducting market research to identify new techniques, trends, fabrics, and processes to seek innovative designing inspirations. They collaborate with different teams to compare various seasonal themes and make edits to create new concepts. Collaborating with a technical designer to ensure that development packages are accurate by reviewing product sketches for presenting the story, colour, mood, and samples to the client.

5.Web Developer: 

Web developers write codes to create websites using standard practices and maintain it by constantly working on its improved features. Researching and maintaining the software programs, documentation and to implement the contingency plans in case, if the website goes down. They gather and refine specifications and requirements based on technical needs and integrate the data from various back-end services and databases to match visual design intent.

An undergraduate degree in design will give students an in-depth knowledge, practical exposure to challenge their critical-thinking skills and prepare them for a professional career ahead. Designing is the perfect choice for students who have a passion for creativity and want to explore diverse opportunities with a bachelor in design.

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