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The efficiency of desk power socket can enhance your efficiency of working

Benefits of desk power modules

Desk power sockets are meant to be used under the desk in baskets or cable trays. It is available in multiple ranges of configurations and it also provides the ease of configuring the patterns, you desire.

Power sockets can be used in offices, houses, schools and even in the conference rooms. It is even easy to mount a desk module on the edge of a desktop. The models usually have two power slots, 2 USB built-in-charger and 2 network adaptors so that it can be used for charging tablets, phones and other possible gadgets.

Benefits of desk power modules
Benefits of desk power modules

Benefits of desk power modules

  1. Easy to install– These desk power modules are easy to be installed. Even a layman can install them reading the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  2. Superior functionality– Using an ordinary power system, there are no additional points for integrated data, power and USB charging system. However, with this power socket, you have the freedom of using everything via a single system.
  3. MultipleDesigns– These desk power modules have multiple designs to choose from. Many of them come with elegant edges, concealed designs and aluminium body.
  4. Space saver – These sockets definitely are spacesavers as they reduce the clutter of wires and connect different gadgets at a common point. You do not find yourself strangled here and there with wires, usually laptop charger, mobile charger, etc.
  5. Highly ergonomic – In this world and age, where everything is flexible and simplified, this power socket is winning many hearts by its ergonomic design. It is compact and reduces anti-surge.

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Complement-E has been known for manufacturing UBER desk power modules in Denmark.

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The company is lashed with teams of professionals who are committed to providing superior quality products.

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