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Ten Tips and Tricks to Make Your Samsung S8 More Useful and Efficient


Samsung S8 capabilities go beyond the basic features in many smartphones. The manufacturer designed it with as a user-friendly interface plus extraordinary capabilities that enable the users to efficiently use them to benefit from all the powerful, unique features it possesses. The following are some of the best Samsung Galaxy tips and tricks you would love to experience.

1. Screen Multitasking


Have you ever desired to display than one screen at once? Samsung S8 Galaxy gives you the capability to achieve that. For instance, you can open your browser and the text app at the same time. However, some application may not be supported by this feature. To enable screen split view, on the soft keys, open the “recent” button, then tap on the multitasking tab on the open apps.

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2. Apply Smart Locks

Samsung S8 comes with a biometric-based lock that guarantees you to be the only person who can unlock your screen. These locks include a fingerprint scanner, facial recogniser and the iris scanner. To use the locks, simply go to the lock screen and security feature on your phone settings menu and choose smart lock. In the smart lock, you can select an option.

3. Single Hand Operation Ability

Samsung S8 has a large screen that at times you are forced to use both hands to operate. Fortunately, the model has capabilities to minimise the screen to be navigable by a single hand. To activate the feature, go to advanced features on settings menu and tap on one-handed mode.

4. Hide Data

There are always some secret and personalised data that you may not want others to view. Samsung S8 openly displays all categories, for instance, the gallery. To secure data, go to Samsung galaxy store and install Secure Folder app. You will then log in with your phone account details and select a locking method of your choice availed by the system.


5. Save Battery Life

The rate of power consumption in Samsung Galaxy S8 depends on the types of applications being used and the number of running applications. Open applications are always running in the background, even when you are not using them. To prevent unnecessary power use, hold the app and wait for settings to display. Choose the sleep option.

6. Make GIFs

Samsung S8 has a quick video to GIF converter that enables the user to create GIF images from any playable video content through straightforward steps. First, you swipe the screen’s edge to allow the Smart select feature. Then you choose animation. The feature provides a box to enable you to select the length of the video and segment you want to be captured.

7. Enable Easy Location on Your Phone

You can lose a phone or forget it in a different place. Traceability becomes difficult if you cannot approximate the possible location you lost it. Samsung S8 gives you an easy way of locating your device by use of Find My Mobile feature on your settings, which incorporates GPS functionality. It requires you to enable remote control location services by Google.

8. Get Content Display at All-time Including in Locked Mode

Using Samsung S8, you can access any incoming information or notification as well as control some apps that operate in a multitaskable way. For instance, you can use the music player without unlocking your phone. All you need is to find and enable the Always On Display and feature on your phone settings.

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9. Achieve Speedy Downloads

Samsung Galaxy S8 offers you a hidden extension that can boost download speeds. The Download booster feature can be accessed from connection settings in the category of more settings.

10. Utilise Samsung Cloud to Share Large Data Contents to Many People

Most applications have limits of sharable data content sizes. In fact, majority converts data to smaller sizes automatically. Samsung S8 enables you to share up to 1GB data size file through Samsung cloud. For intended people to get the data, send the code in the form of a link that enables them to access the content. Samsung erases the content after two days.

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