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Brand Promotion: How to Avoid Mistakes?

The problem is that the brand does not match the declared positioning, audience and/or assortment, equipment, visual of the online store, prices, etc. The main marker that something is going wrong will be unsatisfactory sales.

Let’s go through the rules based on personal experience working with companies that had problems with the brand and how they were resolved.



The concept of business and the company’s perception of its target audience is very important. Intuitively, you need to think about a strategy in terms of combining benefits aimed at satisfying customer needs.

The concept is formed by the creators, then it can be criticized, then it can be confirmed by research and then, based on an understanding of the target audience (customers) and concept, we are: store, service delivery through the site, etc. – a project implementation schedule is being formed.

You need to understand the category or categories that your brand ranks among the things consumers already know. The goal of brand positioning is to focus all consumer-oriented activities on strictly defining your brand.

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Confusing brand positioning is a common mistake. Your business must compete at many levels. Drop everything that doesn’t help consumers quickly understand your offer.

Lack of clarity leads to a lot of fuss and wasted time. Until your positioning is defined, hundreds of solutions, large and small, that are part of a regular business, become less focused and, therefore, less cumulative than it should be.

Use your company name and logo selectively and economically – especially when it comes to branded products, sponsorships, and events. When an integrated branding agency attaches your brand name to something, it should reflect and be compatible with the values and voice of your brand. When a brand interacts with another company or product that is not directly connected to the network or does not have its own message, it may seem inconsistent and unreliable to consumers.

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Management and common standards

Regardless of the type of company’s activity, the integrator, as a rule, is the general director and through the meeting of directors he enters everyone into one information field. It is very important that at the level of the board of directors / top managers – everyone thinks and perceives the concept in the same way. Otherwise, everyone will do his own thing.

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When resorting to the services of an outsourcing company, it is necessary that it also penetrate the business, and then decisions will be correctly made and implemented.

And if most decisions are made and justified in one information field, then there will be no discrepancies. It’s worth noting that businesses that develop according to the franchising system are able to paint standards meticulously – they can look at successful forms.


Branding influences how actual products are accepted. The first rule for building a strong brand is consistency. Presenting a consistent identity to your audience stimulates a sense of trust and comfort for consumers and can go a long way in creating an easily recognizable image for your company. A company that presents itself inconsistently is unprofessional, incoherent, and even unreliable.

The coordination of strategy and positioning begins with the coordination of your visual assets in all places where the company is represented: your website, social media accounts, announcements, print materials, etc.

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This is a simple reference to your company’s preferred fonts, colors, images, logos and other visual assets. A complete style guide goes beyond design assets and also includes a set of standards for your brand values, voice and written elements. Having a style guide is a convenient way to make sure that you present a consistent, cohesive message in all places where your brand appears. 

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Do not rely too heavily or deliberately on design trends, but do not be conservative. Keeping up with the latest branding and design trends is a great way to make sure you represent your company in a fresh, modern way. But there is a big difference between upgrading your brand and losing your primary identity in pursuit of the hottest new product.

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