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Top trends in digital marketing for 2020

Digital Marketing does not rest, and the arrival of a new year, and in this case also a new decade, is a good time to analyze the changes that are coming, so we present some of the main trends in digital marketing for 2020 .

Sell ​​directly from social networks

Social networks are already part of our lives. We hardly know anyone who doesn’t use them. Due to this particularity of connecting everyone, anywhere or anytime, they have become a basic tool of digital marketing. However, what is not so obvious is the number of users who buy through the different platforms.

72% of Instagram users have made a purchase using the application, which represents a tremendous opportunity for business. Or even more impressive, according to Hootsuite , 90% of users who use Pinterest weekly do so to make purchasing decisions.

Fortunately for merchants, these platforms have made it easier for them to reach their customers so they can buy directly from there. Whether on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, they all now allow businesses to create purchase posts, so users can buy directly from their profile.

This integration of networks into e-commerce processes enables the sales funnel to be shortened, making it easier for users to purchase. For this reason, 2020 will be the year of the purchase post explosion .

Interactive content

Today’s shoppers look for new experiences when they go online, and for many, that means more interactivity. According to Hubspot , 54% of social media users prefer to watch more videos from the accounts that follow. The interactive content , meanwhile, is different and attracts more attention. And it also serves to keep visitors on the page longer. In short, interactive content is more attractive and will also be one of the “vedettes” of 2020.


2020 is projected as the year of personalized marketing. Consumers are much more demanding now because they can choose the advertising they consume, and disconnect from generic ads that they can’t make a real connection with. Traditional media and ways of advertising are less and less effective. What is the way then? Customize !

Consumers prefer to buy from brands that recognize, remember, and provide relevant content, offers, and recommendations that fit their tastes and preferences. To achieve this, it is essential to listen to get to know your customers. Know what products they buy and how often they buy it. And for that, it is necessary to have the necessary tools to carry out this customization in the best possible way.

By 2020 there will be a significant increase in fully personalized websites .

Use of messaging applications

Smartphone applications such as WhatsApp, in our country, and Viber and WeChat in other latitudes, are already gaining popularity in the world of digital marketing. Instead of (or in addition to) using emails, many companies are adopting the use of these types of applications.

Big brands are already experimenting with monetizations through messaging applications and it is expected that very soon, consumers will be able to make payments through these apps. With this, sending and receiving money will be much easier, and just as MercadoPago brought facilities for commerce, it is expected that this type of payment will also do so.

Video content

2019 finished confirming it: Customers respond well to visual content . So in 2020 it will continue to be an important digital marketing tool. This includes the live video. On average, live videos on Facebook Live and Instagram Live keep your audience watching three times as long as recorded. The daily viewing time of Facebook Live videos has quadrupled in a single year, producing six times more interactions than traditional videos.

In synthesis

Changes in the digital world are constant and sometimes overwhelming, however those who are willing to adapt and evolve will continue to attract high quality clients using new media and trends.

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