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Power your cutting tools with precision


Power your cutting tools with precision

Power of the electric motor is of utmost importance for the persons involved in the cutting industry. The power of the motor decides the efficiency of the cutting machines. As the motor has to work under extreme weather conditions with lots of dust in the atmosphere which when enters the motor can hamper the functioning of the motor. Thus, the motor of high quality which is well protected from the dust and other foreign materials present in the atmosphere is required for the cutting of tools. The Three-Phase “Type R” Electric Motors are supposed to be the best motor for the cutting job.

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Features of the electric motor

  • Solid and reliable: These motors are known for their high performance but are also perfect for working in the extreme conditions. These conditions challenge the quality of the motor and also the quality of the material used in the motor. Thus, the high performance of the motor itself speaks about the quality of the motor.
  • Standardized motors: These motors are built on the standards required for the manufacturing of an ideal motor. These motors are self ventilated and hence there is no problem of heating of the motor. These motors meet out the European and international standard.
  • High performing motors: These motors are used widely in the industrial purposes and especially used in the industries where the motor has to work in the extreme conditions. These motors are known to be adoptable to the customers’ requirements.

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  • Low maintenance: These are three phased asynchronous motors which require very low maintenance. Theses motors are moveable and can be used in service and the manufacturing units without any snag in their performance.
  • Quality of the motor: These motors are assembled in a controlled lab atmosphere ensuring the high manufacturing standards thus ensuring that the clients get the best quality motors for usage.  


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