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Is it possible to work from home in Pakistan?

Working from home has always been very helpful for new mothers, and stayed home parents. This is a way of working and being able to provide for one’s family without having to leave one’s children in child care or having to pay for nannies. In olden days people use to work at home as such sewing, packing and selling homemade frozen food etc. 

But with this new digital world online work from home has become a new dimension for many people with issues at office jobs. Now IT personal do not have to travel to a different city or country or even continent to provide his services for a company and get paid for it. 

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People in one continent are building websites, portfolios, managing social media for companies in another continent. This has helped both the employer and employees. As employers have been paying as little as 200 pounds for an up and running website made by someone in Pakistan, while they might have to pay at least 400 for the same services from within the UK. On the other hand the employee, on the other hand, would just be getting around 100 pounds for making some sort of website for someone within Pakistan. 

 Social media and platforms such as Facebook eBay, Amazon and EE Stone are providing people place to be entrepreneurs. You can sell your homemade product or buy and sell some products on these platforms as well as you can sell used products too. So that you would get some money back on the product you have once bought and have used. 

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There are other services you can provide online for which you do not have to be physically present. Like writing blogs, book writing, story and essay writing, tutorials, and articles, building and managing one’s website and social media, media marketing, etc.

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 There are so many aspects on which you can work online from home. These platforms have provided people with new opportunities, where there was really hard for a teenager to make three figures annually are making 6 figures with the help of online platforms. It has helped people pursue their dreams and their desired careers. 

If you have any talent you can sell it online. You can be an artist and sell your hand made art online. You can sew dresses and sell them online or make a handbag. You can be in IT and fix problems remotely. Now a day even lawyers and doctors are giving paid advice online. 

Working online from home has its own perks to it. You do not have to spend so much money or time on the commute. You wake up have a cup of tea or coffee, go in front of the computer in your pj’s and you are working and earning money for yourself and your family. You do not get stuck in peak hour traffic, you don’t have to worry about catching a bus or train or pay the cab fare. You are not spending any money on fuel for your car. You are at home and yet you are at work, how great is that. And a person is the most comfortable at his own personal space, which is his or her home. So when you are working in a comfortable place you will be more efficient. Your productivity would be better as there is no one to ask you what you are doing. You can be Woking on the cold snowy day when half of the city would be stuck in the snow and some of the businesses would be closed. The money you save on commute can go towards your saving or you can just work less if you do not have to work extra for fares and fuels etc. 

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You can save so much money on childcare. Childcare is so expensive nowadays. So if you are working from home you can look after your toddlers and babies and pick and drop your kids from school. You can be spending more time with your kids and you would be watching them grow while you are earning from them. This is how you would not be missing out on so much in life. You can be an entrepreneur and be your own boss. You can work as hard as you need to and you can take a day off or go on holiday when you want to. 

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As much working online from home is beneficial it does have some cons, as you do become a bit lazy knowing there is no one to watch your progress. And it requires so much motivation and discipline to manage your work and your work apart. You would need to know how many hours work is okay for you, as you do not want to be working too little or working too much as you would be at home and unlike office, there won’t be opening-closing hours so you might not know when to start or to stop working if you have not scheduled your time properly. 

Working from home may lead to you not socializing as much. You make a friend at work and need new people and you dress up and build your confidence. By staying home you might not bother about your appearance and punctuality etc. 

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 But a few cons of working online from still are too less in front of the pros it has. It gives those people opportunities who otherwise might be unemployed as they are a single parent or has so disability or live in a remote area. It gives opportunity to young people who are otherwise denied work due to lack of experience. One can make one’s hobby into a business thanks to platforms like EE Stone. Here you provide your service after the one requires your service has paid, and payment is then held safely by EE Stone until the job is done for the safety of both the supplier and consumer.

Author Bio:

Malik Nabeel Ali is a student of Virtual University, Islamabad. He is working in The Odyssey Blog. He is basically inhabitant of Wah Cantt. He is a young SEO analyst. His area of interest is Search engine optimization.

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