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The Rise of Webcasting Events for Business Purposes


Webcasting has been around for some time, but the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects it had on work and society has provided a platform for web content to grow and flourish. Webcasting is essentially another word for live streaming, except that most webcasting services are professional and work-oriented, unlike social media or YouTube live streams.

Webcasting events is a great way for businesses to reach their audience with engaging and inspirational content, create brand awareness and drive sales, teach new skills, and even conduct product tutorials. There’s no limit to what you can do with a webcasting platform, and modern businesses need to start taking notice of this underrated marketing tool.

Keep reading to learn more about webcasting, and how it’s made a significant impact on modern businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 and Remote Work


COVID-19 struck swiftly and suddenly in the early stages of 2020, forcing many of us out of our jobs, out of school, and into our homes for extended periods of time. Businesses shut their doors forever, and we awoke to a new reality—a reality where even the most careful physical contact could be potentially dangerous. COVID-19 showed us that we weren’t set up to handle such a widespread problem, but we’ve done the best we can as people and business owners up to this point.

Without tools like webcasting and conferencing platforms, it’s safe to say that we’d see fewer businesses still operating today. The pandemic forced non-essential businesses to shut their doors to patrons, forcing them to either move online entirely or perish. Some businesses adapted perfectly, flourishing in their newfound medium, while others simply couldn’t make a successful transition.

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The ones that flourished took advantage of every tool available to them at the time. The economic impact of COVID-19 was unprecedented, and we’re only just beginning to understand the long-term effects it may have. What we did learn, however, was that we need certain tools to stay in touch and to keep businesses open.

A New Marketing Approach

Webcasting offers a unique marketing opportunity for businesses brave enough to take advantage of it. Live stream events can have a huge impact on audiences, and when you leverage them correctly, you can completely transform your marketing approach. You’re giving your consumers something more for their money when you host live events—you’re giving them engaging content. 

Content is king when it comes to marketing, and video content is the king of all. You can potentially explain anything in a video. You can tell a story, appeal to both a visual and audio medium, capture the viewers’ undivided attention, build trust and relationships, and so much more with video content. The limits are essentially whatever your imagination has to offer.

Telling a good story is the best way to appeal to a video audience. This is the reason some TV shows and movies fail and some flourish. The way you tell a story can have a huge impact on the audience, driving them to experience intense emotions, feel inspired, and, hopefully, feel compelled to buy your products.

Availability Of Services

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued to push us further and further from returning to the office, we witnessed the rise of new and exciting services to facilitate the newly-remote workforce. Conferencing services rose to the occasion, providing us with much-needed communication tools. And, in turn, webcasting and live stream services once again came to the foreground, offering a new opportunity for businesses to market their products remotely.

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As these products became more available, businesses began to pay attention. Webcasting is affordable, professional, and less casual than a Facebook or Instagram live stream. Why not take advantage of it, especially when most people are stuck at home? 

The Advantage Of Live Streams

Live streams offer something a bit different than recorded content. For starters, you can interact directly with your audience as they ask questions in the chat. Or, you can host interactive events where the audience is encouraged to give their opinions and ask as many questions as possible.

Another example of live streaming is that you can get real-time analytics on how your content is performing. This information will show you how many people are viewing your event, where they’re from, and more. This information is crucial for your next presentation, as it gives you a better idea of who your target audience is.

Let’s not forget that live streams are preferred by general audiences. Around one billion hours of content was live-streamed in 2019, making it the fastest-growing medium in digital marketing. If you’re not taking advantage of webcasting, it’s time to get on board!

The Bottom Line

Live streaming can be both entertaining and informative for the audience, and excellent for increasing brand awareness, selling products, and more. As we continue to shift towards the hybrid/remote workforce model, it’s likely that we’ll see the rise of more webcasting and conferencing services to meet the demand.

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