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The best email marketing software for your business 

email marketing

Email marketing has become one of the most profitable forms of marketing. It is one of the oldest forms of communication in the digital world, yet it is still just as effective. Email marketing gives you complete control over your interactions with your customers, which is completely different from social media. It is used by companies in all industries from retail to IT support, it can help improve sales.

Email marketing collects a list of email addresses from potential customers who have given their consent to receive emails from your company. These emails can then be used to share advice with your customers via a newsletter or promote your products or services. These days email marketing is only successful if it is personalized to each customer. It may be overwhelming to understand how to use it in a way that will benefit your company but there are many services and software available that can help build the perfect email marketing strategy. These days, you don’t need to hire an IT services company London businesses use to install the email software since it is so simple to us. We’ll take a look at the different types of email marketing software that is available. 



Hubspot is one of the most well known names in digital sales and marketing. The platform allows you to manage your email marketing, forms, CRM, landing pages and a range of other features. The email marketing service offers a range of features that allow you to manage your email marketing processes. Their CRM allows you to personalize your emails to all your recipients with any information they have provided you with including demographic information and membership features. 

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If you use WordPress, Hubspot has a plugin that you install. The WordPress plugin allows you to send emails directly from your website. It also has the option to add forms or a chat option to your CRM in WordPress. If you are looking to improve your email marketing and automate and streamline your processes, Hubspot is a great option. 

2.Constant Contact 

Constant Contact has quickly become a household name in email marketing. It has a beginner friendly interface and a range of colorful templates that allows you to easily create unique newsletters. You can manage your contacts, calendar, templates and email lists all in one place. They have smooth integration with Shopify stores and Facebook ads, which makes it a great option for eCommerce businesses. 

They have amazing customer service, with a range of options to contact them. You can contact them using their chat, email and phone calls. If you prefer to do your own research, they have community forums and a knowledge base to find your own answers. They are also constantly running online training to help small business owners improve their knowledge of email marketing. This is why Constant Contact comes most recommended for small businesses. 


SendinBlue is an email and SMS marketing software. Their platform is easy to use and allows you to create highly attractive emails. They have a drag and drop feature which makes it simple to create your ideal email. 

They also have a range of automation tools available. These tools allow you to automatically send follow-up and transactional emails to your customers. SendinBlue uses AI algorithms to send out bulk emails and ensure that these emails are delivered. They also have a SMTP bulk email option that can be integrated with your WordPress website. This is especially useful if you have a high traffic website. 

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ConvertKit is a favorite in the blogging and marketing communities. It is a simple platform that makes email marketing a straight-forward process. They encourage their users to use simple emails to improve the engagement with their customers. There are many features that bloggers and marketing professionals can use including a landing page builder, a/b testing, smart workflows and a range of great looking templates. ConvertKit offers features such as autoresponder, segmentation and has features available to automate your newsletters. 

They offer email support and a vast knowledge base to ensure that their users can use their features to its greatest potential. There is even the option to sell subscriptions and digital products all using ConvertKit.

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