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5 animation trends of 2020 that you need to look into

As we know, trends are always in constant motion and they do not remain the same for too long. The same is the case within the world of animations, in order to excel and keep themselves and their work under the spotlight animators are required to stay in contact with the recent trends. Apart from that, given how competitive all industries have become due to over saturation of businesses belonging to the same niche striving towards a similar goal.

However, the best way to stand out and build an identity in these given circumstances is to stay updated with all the changes occurring within the industry. That way you can keep your animations fresh and innovative, based on out of the box narratives whilst offering solutions that are based on current concerns and issues. To help you with that, here are 5 trends that can boost your potential as an animation maker and enable you to craft noteworthy works.

5 Trends for animation to keep an eye out for in 2020


1.Mixture of text and animations:

You might have noticed how motion graphics are often used for e-commerce related advertisements and within those animations you will also witness texts along with other relevant imagery. This allows brands to showcase their services and products with clarity, allowing audience to comprehend concepts and messages more clearly. This trend is sought to become highly common amongst business marketing schemes in the year 2020.

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2.Simple art animations:

Imagery has managed to make itself a significant place within marketing industry and advertisement sectors. Rather than using human models, companies are now opting for animated characters that are cost effective and take less efforts. Not only does it allow the artist to express themselves freely but enables them with space to explore narratives and present them in different and meaningful forms that are out of the box and hold individuality.

3.Flat animations:

This is one of the most common techniques within aniamtion and graphis. Widely used within logos especially but due to the shift of industries requirements, they are being incorporated within animated commercials as well. This style can opted to create presentations along with simple video content meant to deliver messages across, it works for all causes. Not only does captivate the viewers attetnion but makes sure to retain it for longer periods of time as well.

4.Transitioning’s that are seamless:

This trend within animations has been receiving a lot of attention by animators and artists throughout the globe and that it due to its interesting unfolding from one imagery to another that appears to be interlinked. Not only does this trend offer aesthetic visual imagery but makes sure to provide a professional outlook as well, that assists in building the brands personality. You can choose to make use of a show reel that delivers looping visuals that overlap one another to create a never ending cycle. This trend can be used to advertise more than one product and services.

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5.Double ended exposure:

Double exposure refers to motion effects being used in a seamless manner within animations and graphics. Animators and artists can use this method to conjoin different contents belonging to different narratives into a single visual frame. This trend has the ability to offer high end visuals that are highly influential and innovative, inspiring viewers to engross themselves into the content they witness before themselves. You can easily surpass through all boundaries and bring unrealistic elements into the real world by giving them a physical form.

However, not all animation trends are fitted for businesses belonging to all niches. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the brand and decide according based on the business requirements and the viewers. It is also crucial to keep in mind that trends are going to be in continuous transformation, which is why it is best that you adapt yourself to the market accordingly and ensure to make your skills versatile.

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The trends that have been mentioned above will allow you to step into the market with a new outlook and strategies that will boost your work. You can guarantee to gain greater recognition for your works by following these given trends. Not only do they take the present into consideration but the past and the future as well. As long as you incorporate them within your animated video content you will be able to create exceptional art pieces that speak for themselves.

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