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Making money from a blog without Google Adsence (Six unknown ways)

Making money from a blog has become easier now than ever before. And the first thing that comes to our mind is Google Adsense when we enter in blogging field. Because we all think that google adsense is the only way to make money from a blog. So if you think so, you’re totally wrong. You may not know that besides Google AdSense, there are other ways to earn from your blog.  

I’m sure you were surprised to hear that.  So if you want to earn money online from your blog in addition to this Google Adsense then we can help you. Here’s the post that is instructed to make you fully experienced in these topics.

Making money from a blog with Advertisement


We hope you don’t need to introduce Google Adsense again. You know Google AdSense is a gold mine for bloggers.  Through AdSense, each blogger is making money by placing ads on their own sites. But, if you do not have Adsense Approval on your website, you can make money from your blog by placing ads of different companies directly.  In this case, you have to interact with different companies for Advertising on your site. At first, you may experience various difficulties, but later on, there will be no difficulty in getting ads.  

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However, if your site is popular, then different companies and service provider will contact you for marketing their product. You do not need to approach them.

Earning from Sponsored Post

Sponsored Post is one of the popular way to make money from a blog. If you are a blogger, then you are probably familiar with the term sponsored post. Sponsored post refers to when you share other’s post on your blog in exchange for money. Lot of times, different  companies publish paid blog to promote and expand their business. For a blogger, these sponsored posts can be one of the main sources of income. You’ll be surprised to know that companies are willing to pay up to $2,000 for sponsored posts. But this kind of big sponsored post will only be offered if your website is popular. Normally you’ll get at least $200 for each sponsored post in your site.

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Become the king of the Affiliate Marketing 

Currently, Affiliate Marketing is a great source of online earning.  It is also one of the most popular way of other online income ways. In a words, you will be marketing a product or service to a company, and if you sell a product or service through your marketing, the company will give you a sales commission, which is basically affiliate marketing. In the beginning, you need to work on thinking that the amount of income will be less. Suppose, you have started working in this field after completing affiliate marketing courses within three months. In this initial stage, your income may be $200 to $300, but your income will triple within one year.   Good to say, this income will depend entirely on your work, the better your work and the work you earn. As more as people are becoming dependent on online, online business is growing. And at the same time, the demand for affiliate marketing is increasing. There are currently companies across the Internet that offer affiliate marketing. So if you have your own blog, you can generate a lot of money through affiliate marketing. Just you need a proper training to become the king of the Affiliate Marketing.


Make possible Paid Membership 

Paid membership is one of the popular way of online earring.  But, you cannot start paid membership on a common blog.   

that is to say, if you add paid membership features to a news or article related website, you will not benefit.  

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But if you teach a course online or have a health, tutorial, counseling related website, you can start paid membership feature. You can also  earn well by selling any E-book of different courses in your blog.

Sell Your Own Product  online 

It’s a good idea to sell your own products through the website. If you are a craftsman and are able to make a popular product, then you have a good opportunity of making money from a blog. Because there is no third person involved between you and the buyer, the entire portion of the money earned is yours.  You also don’t have to depend on anyone to sell the products. You can sell products directly through your own website. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy in reality. However, in the initial stages you have to invest some money to buy raw materials for making products.

Approach for donation 

Nowadays, Donation is a very common and popular way to making money online from a blog.  Millions of websites are available on the Internet whose main source of income is donation. Especially,  Foreigners use this tactic to making money from his blog. But you can earn only through donation when you will provide a service to free to visitors. I’ve seen some bloggers who have activated the donation system on their website.

These was the best way to earn from your own website without Google Adsense and the interesting thing is that you can apply these methods as well as Google adsense for additional revenue.  We hope you understand by now, it’s not only reasonable to earn from Google AdSense. You must be successful if you choose any one aspect. Requests you to share your opinions about the ways we share.

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