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Why you need SSL for your website


Why you need SSL for your website

If you want to improve search engine ranking and offer a better security for your users try to use a web hosting who provides SSL certificate. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Have you notice some website start with “http://” and some website starts with “https://” and have a green padlock nearby? If you do this means those with “https://” and green padlock are using SSL certificate.

SSL establishes an encrypted link between your web server and your visitor’s web browser. This means that all the data remain private and secured.

If you have a website who use some private information like credit card number or value personal information, you should use SSL for a better security for users who use your website.

Search engine ranking is positive affected?

In the past only the average webmasters needed the SSL certificate and was eCommerce website. But in 2014 Google announced that SSL play a role. Yes, those sites who use SSL have a boost in the SERPs.

Now google will mark the HTTP pages that collect password or credit cards as non-secured. That means word-press login page who are not secured it will be marked as non-secure if you are not using SSL.

How to get a free SSL and how to install on your webiste.

If you don’t want to pay for SSL certificate you can get one for free. Now depends on what website you have. If you have a regular website who is running in WordPress and don’t have any sensitive information like credit cards or others, you can get a free SSL certificate just for your.

Our website have many providers who offers SSL certificate for free. Check here and find what provider you want to host your website and get the SSL certificate for free.

Like we said early many host providers offers SSL certificate for free. Those providers have SSL certificate inside their cPanel dashboard. In this way you can install SSL certificate just with one click from cPanel dashboard. You need to find the “Let’s encrypt button” then you need to select your desire domain and click install.

We hope that you understand how value is SSL certificate for your website and how to get a free one to protect all the data from users and if you are not using SSL certificate you should get one now.

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