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Transfer Database From Oracle To Postgresql


Transfer Database From Oracle To Postgresql

Oracle and PostgreSQL database can be identified by all professional database administrators one of the popular database administrative programs provided with great deal of features and tools. On the other hand, when the two DBMS are compared, the Oracle stands out as the DBMS thatpossesses tightlicensingtermsand also, the cost ofacquiring thelicenseownershipis veryhigh. The PostgreSQL on the other handgoesundergenerouslicenserightsjust like the BSD orMITwhich isopen source. Because of this, many companies plan to transfer their databases from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

The process oftransferring Oracle to PostgreSQL databasecan beare as follows:

  • Export Oracle tableinformationasdatadefinitionlanguage (DDL) statements
  • Convert DDL statementsinto PostgreSQL formatincludingcorrecttypemapping, substitutionof Oracle embeddedfunctionsthat are not supported in PostgreSQL, etc
  • Import theresultingtabledefinitionsinto thetarget PostgreSQL database
  • Export Oracle datafrom thesourcedatabaseintoan intermediatestoragein comma separatedvalues (CSV) format
  • Convert the datain order tocomply with PostgreSQL formatprovidingnecessarytransformationof binary data, datesandescapingspecialsymbolsintextfieldswhen it isrequired.
  • Import theresulting CSV filesinto thetargetdatabase
  • Export Oracle views, storedproceduresandtriggersin formof SQL statementsandsourcecode
  • Transform thesestatementsandsourcecodeaccording to thedestination forma
  • Import itinto the PostgreSQL database

Thestepsmentioned aboveindicatesthat it is a bitdifficult tomanuallytransform Oracle databaseinto PostgreSQL format. Thisdifficultprocessrequires alot ofworkalso, the humanfactorcan resultintoloss of dataordatacorruption. However, to avoidissueswhen automating database migration, exclusivesoftwarecan be employed.

Companies thatprovidesolutionsin the area ofdatabase migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL are veryfew. TheIntelligent Converters happen to beone of thoseorganizationsthat providesconversiontoolsthathandlesthe migration of Oracle to PostgreSQL, and hassincebeing in businesssince2001.

The Oracle to PostgreSQL ConversionToolsProduct FeaturesIncludes:

  1. The followingdatabaseobjectsareconverted: tabledefinitions, data, constraints, indexes, foreignkeys
  2. The converterimplementsdirectconnectionandbulkinserttechniques inorder toreachhigh performanceof thedatabaseconversionprocess
  3. It supportsallversionsof Oracle and PostgreSQL including “software as a service” (SAAS) variationsof thesedatabasemanagementsystems
  4. For purpose ofautomation Oracle to PostgreSQL converterprovidescommandlinesupport
  5. The converterallowstomergeand tosynchronizeexisting PostgreSQL databasewith Oracle data
  6. Conversion settingsarestoredintoprofile

Apart fromtheseprimaryfeatures, Oracle to PostgreSQL converteroffersthis kind ofconvenientand robustoptionasfilteringdatavia SELECT-queries. This featureenablesadministratorsto selectcolumnsandrecordsforconversionor perhapsto carryout a modificationof thedataprior toconvertingitinto PostgreSQL format. A few exampleson howthe SELECT-queries can be used toachievedifferentgoalsare listed below:

  1. Filtering records: SELECT * FROM TheTable WHERE UniqueIDColumn> 1000
  1. Select andrenameparticularcolumns: SELECT clmn1 AS Name, clmn2 as Phone FROM MyTable
  1. Skip NULLvalues: SELECT * FROM TheTable WHERE Address2 IS NOT NULL
  1. Merge twotables: SELECT code,  title, properties FROM T1Products INNER JOIN T2ProductLinesON T1.line_id =;

As withotherproductsdeveloped byIntelligent Converters, the Oracle to PostgreSQL databasetoolcomes withone (1) yearsubscriptionforupdatesandunlimitedsupport.

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