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Top Flash Apps to download for MAC


Top Flash Apps to download for MAC

Videos are hosted in different formats on internet but flash videos are the most popular one. FLV or F4V are the most popular formats of the flash videos. These format offer high level of compression to the videos that makes it suitable for the older computers and slow networks. These formats ensure that no compromise on the quality is done during high level of compression. These formats are also used by many video hosting websites and those who do not want to use their hard drives for saving the videos to access them without using internet. You are needed to have the best Flash video downloaded app to download flash files on mac.

Flash video Downloader

This type of app is helpful in downloading all types of videos from the streaming websites. Vides that are needed to be downloaded should be set for autoplay for active download. Maximum of 5 videos can be downloaded at one time. Once all the videos are downloaded this app can be closed.

Aimersoft YouTube Downloader

 This is a comprehensive video downloader app that allows editor, video converter and player. It converts the flash videos into MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV, WMV and other formats. It offers good performance in downloading and converting videos.

Elmedia Player PRO

This app is a versatile and enables the users to download flash videos with much ease. PRO version of this app enables the users to download different video files on your computer system. Files which you can download include streaming videos also. With the help of Elmedia Player saving FLV/F4V/SWF files on your Mac gets very easy. This app is also useful in converting the EXE files into SWE files

Download flash with browser on your MAC

There are many more ways to download flash videos on your mac depending upon the browser which you are using.  Chrome users can use FVD video downloaded ad don for downloading flash videos. Firefox users are needed to install DownloadHelper extension. Safari user should play the videos to be downloaded and click on download to save the video.

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