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Top 5 Golf Accessories You Should Consider Buying


Top 5 Golf Accessories You Should Consider Buying

Golf is an expensive hobby. There are lots of sports items available in the sports shops as well as online, but choosing golf accessories is bit confusing and moreover very costly.From golf analyzers to clubs, there’s a plethora of golf accessories to choose from.You can find useful information about the best golf analyzer here:

The price level varies from cheap to more than hundred dollars, so invest wisely. Buying golf equipment isn’t as easy as window shopping. Some of the accessories available are clubs, bags, gloves, balls, tees etc. Keep in mind each level of player needs something different, so judge yourself and it also depends on whether you are a beginner, an intermediate player or a professional.

The essential golf accessories are listed below.


They are used by golfers to hit a tee shot.These are mostly used to hold the ball up. These are mainly made up of wood or plastic. There are two types of tees – higher tee and shorter tee. The golfers who use hybrid clubs go for higher tees as they use deep faced clubs and players with fairway wood or iron go for shorter tees.


They are mainly used for getting a firm grip on clubs, so wearing a glove will decrease the frictionand increase the control over the swings. Be sure to buy a glove that fits properly because big gloves disturb the swing movement and may slip at crucial moment.

Golf Shoes

These shoesare not the same as the normal leather or sport shoes. They are especially designed with plastic spikes on the sole to give a solid grip.Thus,a golfer can execute the perfect swing. Make sure not to buy shoes with metal spikes as many courses don’t allow them because they damage the fields.

Club Headcovers

You may think what headcovers have to do in a golf kit bag, but they play a vital role. Golfers travel a lot.In order to keep their clubs away from any type of scratches, club headcovers are required. They vary in length, color and designs. Some headcovers are made to protect only the head, while others protect the head along with the shaft.So, the choice is yours as to which one to own.

Invest in a New Putter

A good putter is very much essential to have in your kit bag. More than 45% of score is generated by the putter by putting green. It is used the most than any other club. There are three types head shapes for putters. They are Blade, Mallet and Mid Mallet. For choosing a putter, seek advice from your trainer or from any professional golfer.

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