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The Ultimate Guide of How To Get More Instagram Likes

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The Ultimate Guide of How To Get More Instagram Likes

Instagram likes are just like Instagram currency which is a driving force to post more content over the time. It is more satisfying to see triple or four-figure likes on your post than reaching double-figure faves on Instagram. This triple figure is enough to compel to post consistently with regular pace all day long. But how to get more likes on Instagram is the real problem but no worries we’ve come with an ultimate guide that can help you to get more likes on Instagram. Read on!

4 ways to get more Instagram likes

Share behind-the-scenes photos

People are always curious to know about you more and more once they followed you at first place. Instagram is the best place to share your BTS moment (behind the scene) with your followers. That way, you reinforce your connections with your followers and aficionados emotionally and develop your brand persona. Give them a look at the intimate moments of your brand or business, for instance, take your followers on a tour of your office, the trailer of your next product and show off your staff members. It is quite engaging Instagram content with some uniqueness that will give you garner faves.

Partner with an influencer

The most successful strategy to promote your business and get more Instagram likes is that find an influencer related to your niche and partner with. Ask them to post of your product on their profile and your profile. That way, you can increase your trustworthiness through them and reach within your target audience. The followers of the influencers are likely to land on your profile and follow plus like your posts.

Partner with other brands

As we discussed above, besides partnership with your target market’ influencer, you can also go for partnership with any brand that has the same product within your niche. That way you can get more benefits when it comes to reaching a large number of people in your target market. Also, you can one step further and partner with other brands to run a contest for the giveaway (gift hamper) that has both of your products. This is a highly engaging strategy to get more likes and followers on Instagram. Moreover, it will help both of your brand’s streams of potential sales in near future.

Promote your posts

However, Instagram is not as strict as its parent company Facebook when it comes to increasing the post reach organically. So, you can take the benefit for reaching those people that don’t already follow you or like your posts on Instagram using Instagram Ads platform. It is same like social media giant Facebook Ad platform and let you select powerful targeting options with pinpoint accuracy who can see your advertisements. With engaging content and good targeting, you can get more followers which means more likes on your Instagram post.


Hope you enjoy the incredible journey! How do you feel when first time your post amassed over 200 or more likes on Instagram? Share your experience with us. Leave and let us know which strategy to get more Instagram likes you will try for your nest post on Instagram?

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