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Reasons Not To Buy A 4K TV Just Yet


Reasons Not To Buy A 4K TV Just Yet

You may be intending to buy the 4K TV to experience the various advantages it comes with. However, you may want to reconsider your decision. This article doesn’t necessarily aim at derailing your intention. Just take time and read through and understand why it is not yet time to buy the 4K TV.

There’s No 4K on An Actual TV

Generally, you can stream 4K movies online, subscribe to satellite TV services and own a 4K Blu-ray player. But the vast bulk of your regular, everyday TV watching will not be available on 4K TV. As stated above, there is nothing to watch on 4K TV. Common TV programs are broadcasted in regular 2K HD TV set. However, manufacturers of the Samsung TV model are working on a technology that will enable broadcasters to deliver regular programs in 4K.

Bigger Is Better but Expensive

To get the full benefits of 4K, it is prudent to get at least a 65-inch TV. Not all people are ready to have a 65-inch TV in their living room. Obviously, that is a big TV for a claustrophobic apartment. Again, the bigger the 4K TV, the more expensive it is. This means that you may have to prepare with a hefty amount which will drain your account.   

There Is Nothing to Watch In 4K

Don’t get surprised. It is true! There is hardly anything to watch on the 4K TV. Unless you stream from online services, a 4K screen may not have TV channels. This means that you will need to have a robust broadband internet connection to seamlessly stream online. Subscribers to viewing services such as DirecTV and Dish satellite TV may have access to additional 4K content. Otherwise, one can buy a 4K Blu-ray player to watch movies on the 4K screen. There are a number of DVD players from Samsung that are perfectly compatible with the 4K screen.    

The 4K TV May Soon Be Obsolete

Technology is changing day-in-day-out. This means that an electronic you bought yesterday will not be the latest model tomorrow. For instance, you may buy a 4K screen today only to find that the model that comes out in the next month has regular TV programs. This means the technology allowing regular programming may have been installed in the 4K screens. If you are interested to buy a 4K screen, continually check on the latest models from CompareRaja. Eventually, you will get the latest features of the 4K screen.

Converting 2K To 4K Is a Big Hassle

Most notably, a 4K cannot display a 2K picture. However, a 2K screen can display a 4K picture. In order for the 4K screen to work this way, the 2K picture has to be up-converted to 4K. The conversion of 2K to 4K is complicated and not all TV makers can do it well.


The reasons given above may not make you change your mind about buying a new 4K screen. You are educated and cannot say that you were not warned!

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