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Online Reputation Management Before Social Medias


Online Reputation Management Before Social Medias

Online reputation management is often confused as strictly being able to successfully manage your social media accounts and using the platforms creatively. Although, this is a major part of online reputation management, it is not the only part that businesses should be concerned with. With the introduction of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., comes a whole new set of responsibilities for businesses to consider. A large part of your online reputation management depends on your social media accounts being used successfully. An overwhelming amount of consumers are interested in what their favorite brands have to say through their posts online. You may choose to use this to your organization’s online reputation management advantage. According to Business Focus Magazine, businesses need to consider the following criteria when establishing their brands online through the use of social medias; assigning responsibility, keeping staff informed and educated, remaining responsive and by monitoring conversations. These are all internal tasks for businesses to achieve for their online reputation management to be successful.

Responsibility. This is detrimental to your business’ online reputation management. You must trust someone or a team of people within your organization to take care of your online efforts. This person must be organized, vigilant, and creative amongst other things. Your online reputation management relies on people within your organization to care for it.

An informed and educated staff.An effective way to ensure that your staff is aware of what can and cannot be said online is to hold weekly meetings or set up the occasional workshop. This will keep everyone educated on the do’s and don’ts of online reputation management. It’s important that the people within your company are all on the same page with your online reputation management efforts.

Remaining responsive. Social media platforms are incredibly fast paced. It is important that your business stay on top of the conversation and not only that but also to contribute to the conversations. Because of the variety of social media sites available to consumers, your online reputation management must be able to cultivate responses to post to as many comments about your brand as possible. The positive feedback but also the negative content.

Monitoring. In order to remain alert about what’s being said about your brand, you may find it useful to set up some type of system that alerts you whenever your brand is being mentioned online. Your online reputation management can benefit from this as it saves you from being unaware about anything negative that may be on the internet concerning your brand.

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