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How To Hire Quality Content Writers For An Affordable Price?


How To Hire Quality Content Writers For An Affordable Price?

With the unstoppable march of Internet marketing, content is now king. The better the content, the better the results. And that’s a proven fact. No doubts about that. With the recent Google crackdown on Internet marketers who were taking undue advantage of techniques pertaining to poor-quality link building, moreover, content creation and its subsequent marketing is back to the forefront once again. The content that is being created by websites like Contentmart for example bears ample testimony to that.

However, even though the Net has seen some awesome content in recent times, scaling up content creation and also making money is becoming difficult. Quality writers don’t come cheap while it’s also becoming harder to keep working with good writers for extended periods of time. However, it’s not that cheap writers are becoming a rarity and with a little effort can be found and made to stick as well. Here’s how.

Keep regular tabs on Linkedin and Facebook Groups where students and new writers constantly keep advertising their talents. They are trying to build up their portfolio and will gladly work for a lesser fee as compared to prevalent market rates. Sometimes, they are even willing to work for free if it helps their online profile!

Locating the right writer is also of prime importance and helps you make money faster. A good way to do this is to contact the creative writing and language departments of your nearest universities and look for freelancers who are willing to write either to fund their education or to earn some pocket money. If you put up a notice, chances are you’ll get a flood of responses. Or else, you could send a mail to the heads of the language, creative writing and public relations departments stating your specific requirements and they’ll probably forward it to deserving candidates who might just be fit enough to cater to tour needs.

Once you receive these student responses, ask them for samples on selected topics and then hire them based on their quality of writing. They’ll come for a much cheaper price. That’s for sure.  Once you have a team in place, you can start scaling up and promoting the young writers to senior positions and who will be accepting articles from new writers for review and editing before being sent to a client. Once this chain is created, there won’t possibly be a dearth of young and fresh writers who’ll work at much more reasonable rates.

Another way of attracting students is to offer them slightly higher wages for their writing skills as compared to on-campus jobs. It also pays to remember that once a writer finds interest in his niche or subject, he is most likely to stick around and deliver some quality stuff. Moreover, for those looking for making a career in mass communications, this is a wonderful thing to write on their resumes.

Certain websites like Fiverr and  Contentmart, too have writers on board who work for very reasonable rates. You just have to quote your fee, a prospective writer will bid for the job and get it. On completion, you just pay him his pre-determined fee.

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