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How Much Does Business Security Camera Systems Cost?


How Much Does Business Security Camera Systems Cost?

Establishing a business and running it successfully depends a lot on how you secure your business premises and safeguard your business data. In this regard, security cameras have emerged as a primary prerequisite for many businesses.

Not just data and information, security surveillance is equally important in protecting your business premises and physical assets.

What’s more, the modern day IP cameras are getting advanced and they are smarter than the traditional systems in terms of quality of images and zooming capacity, night vision and motion detection to name some. This has added a new mileage to your efforts to improve the ultimate potential of a security surveillance system to the optimum level.

What decides the cost of security camera systems?

  1. Camera quality is improved

The modern security cameras are far more improved and smarter as compared to the traditional security cameras and they have better image capturing capacity coupled with enhanced zooming and motion detection capacity. Additionally, the night vision facility makes them functional round the clock. They can also be put into proper networking so that all recordings can be saved in cloud storage options and benefit from the video analytics that provides a better return on investment.

  1. Advanced software and hardware system is a crucial factor that decides the functioning capacity of your device. Advanced software plays a pivotal role in every aspect of life and security cameras are no exception. Additionally, with better software support, you can also prevent camera hacking by external elements who can now hack into the network system from a remote location and take charge of the recordings.

Types of security cameras and their approx prices

  1. Fixed bullet, dome and box style cameras are priced at $100-$500. These are usually considered to be all-purpose security cameras. They are capable of meeting your needs internally and externally. Dome cameras are highly recommended when you need a discreet device.
  2. PTZ Cameras stand for pan, tilt and zoom cameras and are costlier than the fixed cameras. These are priced between $500 to quite a few thousand dollars.
  3. Panoramic Cameras cover a wider area and are priced similar to the PTZ cameras. They also feature multidirectional capability.
  4. Thermal Cameras range from $500 and are apt for parking lots and areas where you need round the clock surveillance.
  5. Explosion Proof Cameras are highly sturdy and costlier. They can withstand explosions and are best for hazard-prone areas.

Here, an assumption about the number of surveillance cameras required for your business helps to decide the budget.

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