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Evolution of Jobs and Job Design


Evolution of Jobs and Job Design

For the GWC Valve USA company, it is important to keep track of the evolution of jobs and job design in the organization in order to keep their resources up to the latest trends. Job design is the process of systematically organizing work into tasks that are required to perform a specific job. It is important to keep up with job evolution and job design since most jobs correlate between job specialization and productivity and efficiency. Jobs get separated into manageable units and employees then perform these. When it comes to job design these all tie into work simplification, industrial engineering, job enlargement, job rotation, job enrichment, and ergonomics.

When it comes to work simplification, this is an approach to job design that involves assigning most of the administrative aspects of work to supervisors and managers while giving lower-level employees narrowly defined tasks to perform according to methods established and specified by management. Industrial engineering is a field of study concerned with analyzing work methods making work cycles more efficient by modifying, combining, rearranging, or eliminating tasks; and establishing time standards. Job enlargement is a technique to relieve monotony and boredom that involves assigning workers an additional task at the same level of responsibility in order to increase the number of tasks they perform, job rotation is used to relieve monotony and employee boredom that involves systematically moving employees from one job to another. The job enrichment is any effort that makes an employee’s job more rewarding or satisfying by adding more meaningful tasks and duties. Finally ergonomics is an approach that involves integrating and accommodating the physical needs of workers into the design of jobs. It is all about being able to adapt the entire job system, the work, the environment, equipment, and processes to match human characteristics.

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