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Choose best songs for your wedding party: step by step


Choose best songs for your wedding party: step by step

Wedding is not only an occasion but an important and unforgettable part of your life. So, why not to enjoy those precious moments? Make that moment more memorable and plan your first dance with your partner. For that you need to do lots of work and preparation. But the first thing that creates problem is to decide that on which dance songs you are going to perform? There are so many songs that sound perfect but you can’t perform on that. So, making your work easy here is some steps that you should follow.

Step 1: make an list of songs

However, this step is not that easy as it sounds. The song you are going to choose is going to be a part of your most beautiful part, from where you are going to enter in your happy married life. So, it’s important to choose a song that is meaningful for you and your partner. You can ask to your parents and grandparents or you can search it one internet. Here are some most recommended and top dance songs for wedding

  • marry you by Burano mars
  • All of me by john legend
  • You are the best thing
  • Cupid shuffle by cupid
  • My girl by temptation etc

Step 2:  read song lyrics and listen music

After making your song list, listen and read their lyrics and music.  Short your top song that you think it’s a perfect for your wedding dance. Make sure you are not doing this thing alone, take help from you partner. After all you both are going to perform! The thing is, don’t do anything in rush. Take your time and listen your music carefully and after that selected your best one song for your wedding performance. Don leave such decisions on last minutes, otherwise you will end up with something stupid song.

Step 3: hire a professional dance teacher

If you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of guest, then take a help from dance teacher. No matter how best dancer you think you are, but don’t take any chance. Your dance teacher will help you in making your performance for perfect.

Step: 4 do practice

For making your performance more better you need to do lots of practice and learn all steps. Remember that, you are performing for your big day not for a competition, so if you forget any steps on stage don’t get tensed. Just enjoy your time.

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