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3 SEO Fails That Will Get Your Site Penalized


3 SEO Fails That Will Get Your Site Penalized

Choosing the wrong SEO provider can end up with nil results is a thing. On the other hand, choosing the wrong one ending up in getting your website penalized – now, that is something we need to talk about. Not everyone has the skill to pen strategies, says the expert from Columbus SEO. Here are some basic happenings that might get your website penalized.

Linking To Your Homepage

In the very first place, you should understand that the backlinking strategy is well, appreciable but when done in the right way. Some people still trust in the myth that acquiring more number of links to the homepage rather than going for the relevant ones. For those entities, Google doesn’t rank websites. It ranks pages. This is why the content quality is vital and not the looks of the home page. Homepage links work fine only in a natural way. If your exact match anchor text blends with homepage link, that is how you reach the penalty state.

Obtaining Links From Penalized Websites

Again, for those entities who are just keen to get the linking, understand that the linking from penalized websites will do no good to your website. It is simply sitting inside a pit and covering yourself with sand. Discuss with your SEO provider about how they pick the sites to get the links from and how they vetted that particular site. Some companies like Columbus SEO use sites that include Pixelgroove or Moz. This is a good sign.

Purchasing Your Links

No, never do it. This is a violation of policies presented by Google and will stand as one major reason why the website gets sandboxed. This seems to be a trend – trading links. If you are taking that as an inspiration ensure that the websites that purchased are standing long in the industry. You might know what is wrong.

As you know, there are quite a lot of things to consider. So, if you have any queries, be the first person to ask your SEO provider.

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